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Welcome to SaabDocs.

Saab always used to supply instructions with many of their accessories. This, increasingly, appears not to be the case (Probably as a result of GM cost-cutting?)

Most genuine Saab accessories now appear to be supplied without instructions.

So where do you go for installation instructions? Well, you could ask your dealer or supplying Saab specialist. Or you could use this website, SaabDocs. ;-)

How to use SaabDocs

  1. Simply navigate to the folder of your chosen language by clicking the appropriate link, below
  2. You will then see a list of all documents available. These hyperlink to PDF (portable document format) files
  3. To find the instructions that you require press CTRL+F and enter the appropriate part number, then press return.
  4. Your browser should then find the relevant instructions for your Saab accessory.
  5. If no instructions are found then none is available from Saab (as at 2008 Quarter 1)

Note: Some documents are available in some languages and not others.


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